What according to you is a success, ok this is known only to you. But when the word success comes in interaction with the society, its description follows as Lavish cars, a big house, a six-digit salary, and a never-ending bank balance. But my dear reader, this the description is null and void. The description of success, the definition of success should always be made by you, it should be the creation of your mind, your successful mind.

The thing I am trying to explain here is that the success you thirst must be set on your conditions. Here take me as an example, I, as a struggling writer, doesn’t consider myself a struggler in next year, only on the condition that I am writing my words on my own will and the readers reading my words are reading my words at their own will, there is nothing force full.


1. Make your mind to be successful

Our mind is mighty to everything. First, you need to make it attain your goal. A healthy mind always creates a way for its wizard. Yes, you read it write, you are a wizard to your brain. Keep your mind healthy, make a healthy lifestyle, and then boom! You step your first move on the way to success.

2. Be reserved

Never party your ideas. Be reserved. Don’t show your ideas to those who, don’t know its value. Just take the example of Mendel, the man who used mathematics in biology for the first time. Ok, today it’s not an astonishing idea but yes, during his time, he and his idea both were considered dumb and he was a subject of mockery even after his death until his idea reached its great appreciators. So, conclusively I want you to understand that until you reach a genuine acceptor of your idea, be reserved, as it’s the demand of time.

3. Never go for wealth, power the and status

Most people go for wealth, power, and status to be an example of success. Success has nothing to do with it. These are just by-products of so-called success. When you set your intellect for success, go for it, don’t think about loss or gain. Just think about yourself even if it meant to fight yourself in this journey. As a writer, being successful means that your words should reach properly to your reader, being a successful painter means your art should glorify the eyes of your onlooker. Being a successful communicator means that your way of communication must reach your client in full sound and so on. None of the examples here look for money or power or status.

I think this is enough discussion for shaking your mind to be successful.
If you like it, let’s continue this discussion in the next phase.

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  1. Success is not final and failure is not fatal. So keep on going. Fantastic

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