Instagram Caption Generator

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The Ultimate “Instagram Caption Generator” Free Online Tool


Instagram Caption Generator

Instagram Caption Generator is a free online tool that gives you a random caption for your next Instagram post. If you are stuck with what you want to caption your picture before posting, this tool right here is made just for you. Just click on the “Generate” button above and it will give you a random caption.

What type of captions does this tool generate?


The generator on this page gives you a random caption that can be suitable for your post on Instagram. There are more than enough captions in this tool for you to use for a lifetime! The captions provided by this tool are for anyone to use and generally are simple, cute, sassy, cool, long, short, wild, funny, savage, and the list goes on!

How to Save the “Instagram Caption Generator” Tool to Your Home Screen?

If you like this tool and want to use it more often, then you can make it easily available for you to use right from your smartphone’s home screen. Just follow these simple steps:

1. Open this page on your smartphone’s browser.

2. Tap on the menu icon (most probably on the top right corner of the screen)

3. Select Add to Homescreen Option.

4. Type any name of your choice that you want to give to this shortcut.

5. That’s it! Your browser will add this tool to your home screen.

If this option is not available in your browser, then you can simply bookmark this page or add it to favorites.